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General terms of sale

1. Object: Any purchase made in Antik-France' online shop automatically implies the acceptance of the following General Terms of Sale, notwithstanding any different or contrary Terms of Sale of the buyer which are beforehand and without reservation expressly waived by him.

2. Prices: The price given and availability are guaranteed, as long as full price is paid. Transport costs incur a separate price offer.
As a professional retailer, we systematically provide detailed and legally-binding invoices.

3. Shipping: If Antik-France does not provide the transport itself, it is entrusted to another service provider who is also a customs agent, such as the French postal service La Poste with Colissimo or another European post office service. Thus, for parcels shipped abroad, the European postal services entrust the shipping to their local partners. Thus within 1 to 3 weeks, depending on distance, the parcels are shipped and delivered directly to recipient against signature. The recipient of package does not pay anything.
In some rare cases, when expressly requested by clients, Antik-France can entrust the shipping to other carriers.

4. Shipping costs: shipping costs vary according to the nature of the items -metal or textile- as well as their total volume. It is possible for us to keep your purchases on hold until you are ready to have them sent, namely so that several items can be sent together in one package, hence reducing shipping costs.

5. Payment conditions: There are several payment options on the site: PAYPAL, credit card, SEPA transfers and possibly check.

6. Antik-France responsibility: By carrying out purchases on, you are buying from a professional retailer. Therefore you purchase is free of risk and you know that what you buy is conform to its description: the characteristics, quality and epoque of items. Our objects are however not new. They have often been used and have their own history and usage.
Hence, despite the fact have they have been cleaned, they still may present traces of wear. In the event they are restored, it is stated in their description.
In general they are unique and unfortunately irreplaceable. For that reason, we pay special attention to their packaging.
Antik-France endeavors to show any possible flaws in the photos of the object. If these were not clear enough, please let us know, and we will provide you with more photos. Insofar, you will know exactly what you are buying.
They are very meticulously wrapped in highly resistant boxes allowing for safe shipping to destination.
We ask our clients to be particularly vigilant at reception of the package and to report in writing any anomaly (traces of falling or opening, tears, etc.....) on the form you are requested to sign.
It is even highly recommended to take photos before and after opening the package, if damages are apparent, and to send them with the carrier form filled in stating the incident.
Without this report, no reimbursement by the carrier is possible.
IN all events, the responsibility of Antik-France is limited to the reimbursement of the price of the object and its shipping.

7. Data security and confidentiality: Under no circumstances does Antik-France have access to its customers' financial data and in particular to credit card data as the transactions are always carried out by specialized secure payment sites ensuring full protection of our customers' personal data (RGPD), data to which we do not have access at any time.

8. Returns: In the event of a manifest error on our part, in particular a non-compliant description, returns are accepted within two weeks in a similar packaging to that used for shipping out and by the same shipping means. The return postage is the responsibility of the buyer.
Reimbursement is made as soon as package is received by Antik-France and by the same means of payment as the one used for the purchase.

9. Communication: Antik-France sells objects that we admire and respect. We describe and photograph them with the utmost honesty. We sincerely hope that you will feel the same emotion as we do when you open your package. If it is not the case, please call us to discuss it.

10. Intellectual property: ANTIK-FRANCE has designed and developed this website for its own commercial transactions. Without ANTIK-FRANCE' written permission, copying elements of the site, even partially, or imitating the ANTIK-FRANCE site or its features is likely to mislead customers and is hence unacceptable and subject to prosecution.

11. Litigations : In the event of a dispute, only the Commercial Court of Rouen has jurisdiction even if there are several defendants or warranty claims.


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