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Ring holders

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In France these little ring holders made for temporarily putting rings has existed for a long time (for storing rings, there are jewelry boxes). These ring holders came in many shapes. They could be crystal or glass bowls on legs, small bronze bowls decorated with reliefs, china decorated saucers on bronze legs or small glass baskets. In the 20th century, the famous crystal houses such as Daum and Lalique continued the tradition and produced ring holders in their preferred materials: crystal, opal glass, glass paste, etc.

In general, in France each new human need calls for its corresponding product. For example, in the dining room, there are snail plates, oyster plates, asparagus plates. There are desert dishes just for cherries, teapots just for tea, or coffee, or herb tea. Sugar bowls for caster sugar and others for sugar cubes. Not to mention the quantity of cutlery for all different purposes! Noble women always had at reach little sweet boxes and pill boxes, and also little beauty-spot containers (beauty-spots that courtesans put on their faces as a beauty accessory in the 18th C). Not to forget horse riders who carried little pouches for change.
Each need was answered to through the creation of a corresponding product. Thus the famous French sophistication, due in part to these numerous artifacts.

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