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Welcome to our online shop, Antik-France.

This is the English version of our site, available also in French and Russian.


Our site was initially created in 2012 in Russian, following a high demand from Russian
clients. We organized and structured ourselves to meet this growing demand.

In ten years, we have acquired a strong experience in purchasing, shipping and restoring the most beautiful pieces of antiques available today on the French market.

Thanks to this long experience, we became structured and well-equipped for the restoration, packaging and shipping of these marvels. 
All the objects you can admire in the catalogue (and not marked "Sold" are available for sale. We offer several means of payment: credit card, PayPal, and SEPA transfer.

All prices are given and paid in Euros.

IN the catalogue, each and every item is unique. Hence as soon as one is purchased, the note "sold" appears on it. A third person can thus not acquire it as the payment option is disabled.

If you wish to pay per SEPA transfer, let us know and we will disable the item hence keeping it for you the time needed to do the transfer we will disable the payment option.
Likewise, if exceptionally you need some time before actual payment, let us know, and we will propose another way.

In practice

 Immediate or differed delivery

It is possible for us to keep on hold your purchases for the time required. Insofar, for several purchases, there can be just one packaging. Shipping costs are therefore reduced.


Thanks to our long experience in packaging, we master this technique effortlessly. We use triple layered cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Thus, the items sent are not in contact with the sides of the boxes or with each other.

For us, this packaging represents a significant expense that amounts to several thousands of euros per year. We are aware that this increases the weight of the package hence the costs but it is the safest way to receive your fragile purchases in perfect condition.

These articles have survived times, sometimes even wars. They must not be damaged therefore during the shipping, however long it may take!


Our customers may contact us at any time before the actual purchase to have an estimate of shipping costs based on distance and time frame.

Note : the weight of the packaging must be added to the weight of your item/s purchased. For china, ceramics or crystal dinner sets, several boxes could be needed (usually 2 or 3), hence adding additional weight. Please contact us for an estimate of the number of boxes required and subsequent additional weight.

Fast deliveries take 8 days in general. Faster deliveries are also possible on demand.

For France, our carriers is Chronopost who deliver within 24 to 48 hours. Collisimo, a service of "La Poste", is also possible, but delivery delays are less reliable.

For Europe we use Colissimo International, or TNT/Fedex.

Outside Europe, we also use Colissimo International. There is also another quality European postal service that we suggest. The delays are longer but the price is half that of International Colissimo.

All these shippers have a tracking option on internet. 

Delivery of large objects (furniture) 

For large-volume items, such as furniture, or fragile items, Antik-France can personally do the delivery. We also have trustworthy partners we can entrust the delivery to. Either way, the delivery is made to the address given beforehand by customer.

Upon arrival, the customer must be present to assist in unloading and installing the furniture. When Antik-France does not personally carry out the shipping, hence the installation, all details on the delivery and installation will be provided beforehand to buyer.
How to buy?

In order to purchase an item and put it in your shopping cart, you must first register to create a customer account by clicking on My account (top right of your screen).
Once registered you will receive a link that allows you to validate your registration.
Attention: If you do not receive this link, it may be necessary to check your spam.
After validating your registration via the link received, you can make your purchases.

Select the item(s) you are interested in and put them in your shopping cart.
If an item is not available in the basket, it means that it has already been purchased by someone else.


Then simply check the contents of your basket by clicking on your basket (top right) to see what is in it.
To validate your basket, you must log in to your account (or register, see above).

After logging in or validating your registration via the link you received, you have three payment methods at your disposal.


By bank card

scellius lbp 2For the payment by bank card, we trust Scellius which is the online solution of La Banque Postale.Scellius is part of the financial group La Poste controlled by the ACPR/Banque de FRANCE

 Payments are made on a secure site that is totally external to our services and to which we have no access.

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Attention: At the time of payment, you will receive an SMS on your telephone (declared to your bank) allowing you to validate your payment.



 By bank transfer

SEPAIf you wish to pay by bank transfer (SEPA or other) - please let us know.
We will send you our bank details and reserve the item of your choice for the duration of the transfer.
If, in exceptional cases, you need some time to arrange payment, please contact us, we will always find a solution.


By PayPal

logo paypalPayPal for those who have a PayPal account.
As you can see, our price level is particularly low.
As we do not wish to increase our prices, we ask you to pay by card or by transfer so that we do not incur additional financial costs that would unfortunately have to be passed on to you in our prices. 


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