How it works


Our website was initially created in Russian, back in 2012. Because we had strong demand from Russian customers. We organized and structured ourselves to meet this growing demand.

Over the past 10 years, we have acquired a wealth of experience in acquiring, transporting and restoring the finest antiques available on the French market.

Drawing on this experience, we have structured and equipped ourselves to restore, pack and transport these marvels.

In practice

All the items you can see in our catalog (and which are not marked "Sold") are available. We offer a range of payment methods: credit card or PayPal. You can also pay by SEPA bank transfer.

Prices are quoted in €uros and payable in €uros.

Each item in our catalog is unique. Therefore, as soon as an item is paid for by credit card or PayPal, the word "Sold" immediately appears next to the item. It is then impossible for another person to buy it, as payment methods are no longer available for this item.

If you wish to pay for an item by SEPA transfer, simply let us know and we will immediately make it unavailable to give you time to make your transfer.

If, exceptionally, you need a little more time to get organized, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll suggest other solutions.

Immediate or deferred shipment

If you wish, we can keep the items you have purchased until you give us the order to send them to you. This allows you to accumulate purchases and optimize the filling of boxes. This has the advantage of reducing the transport cost of each item.


With many years' experience behind us, we have perfect mastery of these operations. We use triple-thickness cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and dunnage particles. At no point can objects come into contact with the walls of the cardboard or with each other.

This packaging represents a considerable expense for us, amounting to several thousand euros a year. We're well aware that this adds to the weight of your parcel, but it's still the safest way to ensure that fragile items arrive in perfect condition.

These items have survived the test of time, and sometimes war, and not to perish on a journey, however long it may be!  


Our customers can contact us at any time before buying, to get an estimate of the cost of transport, depending on the object or objects (as it is often possible to group them in the same crate), the destination and the urgency.

Attention Please note: To the weight of the item, you must add the weight of the packaging. In the case of porcelain, earthenware or crystal dinner services, this can represent several cases (usually two or three) and therefore additional weight. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate of the number of cases and the additional weight to be taken into account.

If you'd like to receive it as soon as possible, we'll send it to you within 8 days (standard delivery time) or less if you ask us to, but at no extra cost.

For France, we offer transport by Chronopost, which guarantees delivery within 24 to 48 hours and real-time tracking, or Colissimo, but in this case we have less control over the delivery time.

For Europe, we use La Poste's Colissimo International service. Or TNT/Fedex. Outside Europe, we use La Poste's Colissimo International service. We also offer another service, via another European post office, offering the same quality of service. The only difference is that the delivery time is significantly longer, but the price is around 50% less than the Colissimo International solution.

In all cases, we provide a means of tracking your order via the Internet.

Delivery of large items (Furniture)

Antik-France can provide direct transport services for large, fragile items or furniture. Antik-France can also entrust transport to trusted partners. In all cases, delivery will be made to the address previously indicated by the customer.

Upon receipt, the consignee is responsible for providing the labor required to unload and install the furniture. When Antik-France does not directly carry out the transport and consequently the installation, all instructions, necessary for the reception and the installation, will be communicated to the customer beforehand.

Purchasing items

To purchase an item and add it to your basket, you must first register to create a customer account by clicking on My account (top right of your screen).

Once registered, you will receive a link to validate your registration.

Please note: If you do not receive this link, you may need to check your spam folder.
After validating your registration via the link received, you can proceed with your purchases.

Select the item(s) you're interested in and put them in your shopping cart.

If the basket is not available for an item, this means that it has already been purchased by someone else.



Then simply check the contents of your basket by clicking on your basket (top right) to see what's in it.
To validate your basket, you need to log in to your account (or register, see above).

After logging in or confirming your registration via the link you've received, you have two payment options.

By credit card

 scellius lbp 2

For payment by credit card, we rely on Scellius, the online solution from La Banque Postale.
Scellius is part of the La Poste financial group, supervised by the ACPR/Banque de FRANCE.

Payments are made on a secure site totally external to our services and to which we have no access.

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Please note: At the time of payment, you will receive a text message on your phone (registered with your bank) to validate your payment. 

Bank transfer.


If you would like to pay by bank transfer (SEPA or SWIFT) - please let us know.
We'll send you our bank details and reserve the item of your choice for the duration of the transfer.
If, in exceptional cases, you need a little more time to arrange payment, don't hesitate to contact us - we'll always find a solution.

By PayPal account


PayPal for those with a PayPal account.
As you can see, our prices are particularly low.
As we do not wish to increase our prices, we ask you to pay by credit card or bank transfer so as not to impose additional financial costs on us, which we would unfortunately have to pass on in our prices.