Arts and crafts are the beautiful and humble protagonists of our daily lives. They are objects we use - and admire; they combine images of art, beauty and, at the same time, everyday utility. They give meaning to what surrounds us and, through their presence, our daily lives begin to be illuminated by their existence. ....
It was about these objects that the German writer Hermann Hesse wrote: "All these trinkets, all these fashionable luxury goods - this is not at all nonsense, it is not at all a fiction of self-interested manufacturers and merchants, but a little world, or rather a great world of things, in their own right, beautiful and diverse, which have but one purpose: to serve love, to sharpen the senses, to revitalize the tarnished environment...".
For this ability to "animate", "decorate", "fill" and "serve man", antique collectors are particularly fond of decorative and applied art objects from past eras. For us, the children of civilization, they still serve as examples of a culture largely already, alas, lost, of unequalled artistic heights and universally manifested talents.