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Tapis "The 117 patterns of the Garden of Eden"

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Traditional Persian rug. Young lamb wool, cotton base, entirely handmade. Iran (Persia until 1935), period of Shah Pahlavi, Bakhtiar, third quarter of the XXth century.
Size 347 x 253 cm. Excellent condition.
This rug has been made with a great subtlety (the Persian rugs are very liked because of their fine details, the thinnest is the pattern the finest are the details, and more expensive it is). The composition, framed with an sophisticated border, is composed of 117 ( !) fields with the most famous Persian patterns. Among them the « Khesti » garden, and a kaleidoscope of patterns representing a Persian paradise garden with images of birds on branches, flowers, palace vases with bouquets, « The tree of life », the flowered branches, the pair of doves, the vineyards …

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