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"Louvre" Rug

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Republication from the Decorative Arts Museum of Paris. Republication of a unique carpet made for the Louvre Decorative Arts Museum (Paris). Wool, handknotted.
Seal on the leather cover « DECORATIVE ARTS MUSEUM. LOUVRE PALACE, PARIS » and the seal of the upholstery workshop "REVES DU DESERT FRANCE". France, second half of the 20th century.
Size 242 x 242 cm. Excellent condition.
This rug was made for the Decorative Arts Museum of Paris that is the biggest museum where every kind of materials and techniques of the decorative art existing in France since the Middle Ages are exhibited. The creator of the museum (P.A. Bazilevsky ) was a Russian emigrant, ambassador, collector and philanthropist. The museum is situated in the west wing of the Louvre, on Rivoli street.



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